Scary Godmother Popeye  

ZEKE NORTON - Professional History

Rainmaker Entertainment Inc
Public Company; RNK; Animation industry Director
August 2010 – Present

Rainmaker Entertainment Inc
Public Company; RNK; Animation industry Previsualization Supervisor
July 2009 – July 2010 (1 year 1 month)

Image Engine Design
Previsualisation Supervisor (2008 – July 2009)

Bardel Entertainment
CGI Animation Director (2006 – 2008)

Mainframe Entertainment
[since acquired by Rainmaker Entertainment]
CGI Animation Director (1997 – 2005)
CG Supervisor (1995 – 1997)
Animator (1993 – 1995)

Director for nine years, with responsibility for producing films and television shows in a tight timeframe, delivering the completed shows on budget and by deadline. Duties as Director include designing and blocking all shots based on a script and editing them into a video workbook, then assigning each shot to individual animators, giving them direction in camera movement, character acting and lighting.

Very skilled at taking a vision for a project from inception all the way through to post-production, supervising many diverse teams along the way - from Writers, Actors and Sound Designers to Modelers, Animators and FX Artists - and making key decisions to shepherd that vision into a completed project.

  • Directed two Halloween specials based on artist Jill Thompson's award-winning children's books, Scary Godmother which broke Cartoon Network's ratings records for girls 6 to 11 and boys 4 to 8.

  • Created key sequences for live-action feature films such as 2012 and Night at the Museum 2.

  • Directed four long-format Direct-to-DVD features in three years.

  • Developed, adapted and Directed the pilot for a mixed CGI and live-action television series based on writer/artist Paul Chadwick's popular Concrete graphic novels.

  • Directed projects for such respected clients as Sony Pictures, Fox Television, Lion's Gate Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Hasbro, DIC Entertainment and King Features/Hearst Entertainment.

  • Directed over 14 hours of high-quality CGI animation, ranging from boys action to squash-and-stretch comedy.

  • Pioneered animation techniques for CGI television as an Animator on Reboot in the days when Reboot was the only series being produced in CGI.