Scary Godmother Popeye  

ZEKE NORTON - Professional Development

Animation Mentor
Animation 2007 — 2008 (expected)

Back to school after 15 years or more! My learning muscles had atrophied, but after a few months I was hungry for more!

While I feel pretty competent in most aspects of animated film-making, animation principles and directing at the micro-level of posing and timing has been a weakness in my directing for years and one I've finally managed to address.

Animation Mentor is an amazing school and their course is one that every Director working in animation should be required to take.

I was surprised and very pleased how much I learned about directing from the program.The school has such a holistic approach to animation - they believe the best way to be a great Animator is to have a good grasp of all the essential elements of film-making from story to composition to acting to cutting, etc. Best thing I've done in years!

Vancouver Film School
Animation January 1992 — June 1993

Robert McKee 3-Day Story Seminar
November 2007